Meet los Banditos, The bad hombres of Marketing

Pacho y Nacho Meet los Banditos, The bad hombres of Marketing
The team - Los banditos

El Patron

aka El Comandante

Cachingo is the boss. He honed his marketing skills in a stinky Mexican prison, while trying selling contraband cigarillos to bad ass narco traficantes.

Once he got out, he headed north and started a new life in Montreal where he became a mentor for the Pacho y Nacho bunch.


aka Chinto, aka El Desdichado

Nacho is the Nacho in Pacho y Nacho. After years of a miserable and boring Canadian suburbia life, he met Pacho in a lair of banditos hidden in plain sight in downtown Montreal. They became friends and decided to launch their own banda de hermanos.


aka DosCinquenta, aka El Frances

Pacho is the Pacho in Pacho y Nacho. He used to be friends with Nacho but not anymore.


aka La Pipa, aka Mariposa

Some say he’s the craziest of them all, that a single sneeze from him in Montreal can cause a hurricane in Mexico. Thanks to his past as a secret agent, Pipe knows 7 languages and can use his high level of intrigue to get out of any situation.


aka Justicia, aka Knislinge

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Django. What we know of him is that his street cred goes beyond the streets of Montreal, but to this day, no one knows what can have earned him to be nicknamed after a make of Ikea couches.