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What is Domain Authority or DA?

Domain Authority

Domain Authority for los tontos.

Back in the early 2000s, Google created a measure of a page popularity called PageRank. That score out of 10 would rank the web page based on how likely a user could land on it by simply browsing on the internet. Technically, the PageRank relied mostly on the number of pages pointing to that pages (backlinks) and their popularity (PageRank).

Google later introduced a thematic component to the algorithm that would increase the weight of backlinks provided that they are from pages with a similar topic as the target page.

In 2016, Google stopped sharing the PageRank that was public information until then and while it is very likely still factored into the ordering of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) it is definitely not the only factor.

Following the depreciation of PageRank, several other page ranking algorithms were released in an attempt to estimate the power ranking of a website or page and it’s potential to show higher up within the SERP. The most popular ranking system is the Domain Authority (for domains) and Page Authority (for pages) from the SEO audit tool

Domain Authority (DA) will measure the overall popularity of a domain name while the Page authority (PA) will measure the standalone popularity of a given web page. Both DA and PA use a 100 point logarithmic scale, the highest PA score within a domain is usually the home page of the site and the DA is usually higher or equal to the highest PA on the domain.

How is Moz’s DA calculated?

The Moz scores are calculated using a learning algorithm that uses a training set that includes a large, un-manipulated set of search results to establish the popularity of domains on given terms. It does however also include a hierarchy model similar to the PageRank calculation used by google.

While the number of links to the website count towards the DA, the Moz algorithm tries to identify and penalize websites with bad quality (spam) backlinks.

What are the attributes used in the calculation of Moz DA:

  • SERP results (The higher up, the better).
  • Number of backlinks (The more, the better – see below).
  • Quality of backlinks (The higher the quality the more impactful).
  • Spam Score of backlinks (If a link is considered a link spamming source it will damage the DA of the target site).
  • Domain name age (The older the domain name is, the higher its DA will be).

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