How to create content to drive traffic to your site.

What are you selling compadre?

Most online sessions start on a search engine, and more often than not, it starts on Google. Therefore, it is critical to show up on Google when people search for your products. The first step towards getting traffic to your site is to identify search queries that would link to your product and considering the search volumes related to them. It is also important that you keep in mind intent for those queries. For example, if you offer a subscription based streaming service that shows telenovelas. It might make more sense to target the query “Watch the best telenovelas online” rather than “Stream telenovelas free” even though the search volume for the later might be way higher.

Sometimes search is a game of traffic quality over volume.

Try to match the query terms.

Once you know the list of queries you want to rank for, you can start creating content that answer that question or request. What made the success of Google as a search engine is its ability to provide a list of results that are relevant to the user. In our telenovelas example above. It would be wise to have in the page content a highlighted sentence around the lines of “BonitoStreaming is the best place to watch telenovelas online”.

You would then also need to add supporting keywords in your content and other occurrences of the words “telenovelas“, “best”, “watch online” etc…

Finally, you can ask questions and answer them within your page content.


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What is the checklist to create good content?

  1. Define the best search queries and search term that relate to your product
  2. Don’t try to trick the users by ranking a page for a different offer (Free vs Subscription for example)
  3. Try to ask questions and answer them, this will help the search engine associate your answer to the question.
  4. Make sure that your content includes the important keywords in correlation with the search query you are targeting.
  5. Write quality content that people will want to share with others.
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