Pacho y Nacho Search Marketing Do you even SEO hermano?

Do you even SEO hermano?

SEO Agency

Why do you need an SEO agency?

In this day and age, people search for everything and anything. So If you don’t SEO hermano, you are never going to be found. People might be looking for a restaurant near their hotel, the best tacos in town or the latest película and what cinema nearby is showing it within the next hour. Hell, people even search for “Google” on Google…

Google keyword search volume

Search volume comparison “Google” vs “Football”.

All jokes and tonterias aside what this means is that people no longer bookmark websites. The days of and other bookmarking tools are pretty much over, people fire up their web browser, they type restaurante de tacos in the address bar and press enter. If you are not showing in the top 10 results, you probably lost a client (or never got it rather).

So how can you make sure you are showing in the Google search results on the keywords that are critical to your business? The rules of the SEO game are constantly changing with each new technology, each new algorithm update. This is why you will need an SEO Agency to work for you.

Is there a secret recipe I can use to rank better?

This is the billion pesos question. Like my abuelita who died with her mole recipe used to say, a good recipe is a secret recipe. Also, as mentioned above, the rules change constantly, not completely but significantly enough that giving out a Zero to Hero step by step guide to SEO success would be pretty pointless.

However there are some general guidelines that will likely last forever and that any good SEO Agency will help you analyze, understand and optimize on your website. The most important things you need to be on top of are the following:

  • Content (The text that you have on your site and how interesting and original it is)
  • Be mobile friendly (Most of the internet traffic is now mobile, the same goes for searches, since search engines have their user’s experience in mind, they will prioritize mobile friendly websites)
  • Have a good site structure (Both search bots and humans will try to navigate your site. If you have broken links or a site navigation that makes no sense, you will lose the interest from both)
  • Make sure that your site loads fast (Same as the mobile friendly comment above, having in mind that many users will load your site using mobile connections the faster your site loads, the better it will rank)

These tips will certainly help you get higher in the search engine listing, however, there is a lot more to do. Thankfully, our team of SEO experts are here to help. If you want to know more, please consult our SEO agency services page.


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