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Pacho y Nacho SEO agency in Montreal
Search Engine Optmization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be easily explained as follows.

Has your Madre ever said to you. Hijito, why can’t I find you in the google?

That is where we come in! Do you want to appear in the top 3 google search engines results? not only limited to “the google” but also atavista, lycos, and webcrawler.

(We would also push for Bing results, but all 3 users might not like that they have a new search result in there.)

Our main focus is feature snippets according to the type of content you you want to rank for to “keep the click” and guarantee click delivery with high intent and high search volume.

After that our very own Chinto can help you with conversion optimization so you can sell your Tacos y tortillas like Hotcakes.

Whatever you need, our SEO experts in Montreal are here to help you.

On-site optimization.

On-site optimization is all about making sure search engines will index your pages, providing a functional website for users, and including enough content so that search engines will be able to present your site for the right types of queries.

Content development.

Publishing new content for your site on a regular basis increases your site’s domain authority, which in turn increases your likelihood of ranking. It also provides more keyword-rich content for search engines to index, and gives you a chance to earn more inbound links.

Link building.

Finally, you’ll want to spend time building or earning links for your site. The quality and quantity of links you have will dictate your overall authority, so it’s not something you can afford to neglect.

All three of these strategic areas, when developed over time, will cumulatively result in higher domain authority, which will lead to higher rankings for all queries relevant to your site.

Then your Madre will be happy and find you in the google.

So stop wasting your time and going around town with your bicicleta trying to get rid of those delicious Tacos and let search engine optimization start working for you and let people find you wherever you are.