Marketing Automation

Pacho y Nacho Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Why do I need Marketing Automation?

Getting new customers is muy bien, but keeping them and getting them to spend more dinero for your products is really what you want.

In a world where the acquisition costs keep going up and where the fight for eyeballs becomes fiercer every day it is important to maximize the revenue you can generate from your existing customer base. After all, you paid the big bucks to get them didn’t you?

How can Pacho y Nacho help me?

As a marketing agency, we offer many services among which several are aiming at improving your customer retention and loyalty along with increasing the customer value:

1. Marketing program audit

All your marketing activities post conversion should be tailored to fit your customer type, customer value and customer lifecycle stage, at Pacho y Nacho we will dig into your Marketing strategy and identify areas of improvement with the highest impact.

2. Marketing Technology (Martech) audit

Marketing technology is to the marketer what the pistola is to the pistolero. Nothing is as frustrating as having great ideas but lack the ability to implement. At Pacho y Nacho, we will audit your entire martech ecosystem using gap analysis to identify which marketing tactics could benefit from upgrading your marketing technology and what marketing operations you could make possible in the process.

3. Lifecycle management

Factoring all life cycles, customer types and customer values to build the ideal lifecycle management strategy can be a daunting task. Thankfully, at Pacho y Nacho we have steel cojones and nothing scares us… ever. Ask us to help you build a marketing program tailored to who your customers really are and what they really expect from you.