Pacho y Nacho Blog,Conversion optimization Not all clicks are equal, a burro is not a caballo.

Not all clicks are equal, a burro is not a caballo.

Landing pages

Not all traffic sources are the same.

When acquiring traffic, it is important to clearly identify the types of customers based on the traffic sources. Some sources will send you high intent traffic, others will be sending low intent traffic.

Once you identify the type of potential clientes that your traffic sources are sending you can plan your conversion tactics accordingly. As we learned in the streets of Tijuana if someone just ate, don’t try to sell him a quesadilla.

Why do I need a Landing Page?

Sending bulk traffic to a random page of your website will rarely yield great conversion rate. However, by identifying the intent and the interests of your incoming traffic and showing them a Landing Page optimized and tailored to their expectation will guarantee that you convert like a taco stand outside a Shakira concert.

What you need to do is to segment the traffic according to the origin of the click and redirect it to a page that will display the most relevant selling points, trust elements and clear CTAs to take the users down the conversion funnel.

Segmenting traffic and optimizing landing pages are one of the many Conversion optimization services offered by Pacho y Nacho


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