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The keys of AB testing

The real keys to A/B testing

A/B testing, a numbers game. In Digital Marketing we are blessed with close to unlimited data to play with. At Pacho y Nacho we say that marketers are now like a Zorro en el gallinero. We have access to so much data and so many different key performance indicators that it is easy to get […]

Generate revenue

Understand your Marketing Key Metrics

What Key Metrics can I influence with my marketing activities? Unless you are working in a gang of desperados robbing banks and stagecoaches, it is proven that “Give me your money now!” has never been a very successful sales pitch. What that means is that your marketing activities should aim at influencing people into doing […]

Landing pages

Not all clicks are equal, a burro is not a caballo.

Not all traffic sources are the same. When acquiring traffic, it is important to clearly identify the types of customers based on the traffic sources. Some sources will send you high intent traffic, others will be sending low intent traffic. Once you identify the type of potential clientes that your traffic sources are sending you […]